First Mechanical Keyboard!

I’ve just bought my very first mechanical keyboard! It’s a DAS Professional with Cherry Blue MX switches.

DAS Mechanical Keyboard

I haven’t used a mechanical keyboard in a looong time. I’ve missed that specific feel when typing with one. Tactile I believe is what they call it. The blue switches deliver.

Part of what’s been preventing me from getting invested in a mechanical keyboard is that there’s just so many things to consider. What design? What color switches am I getting? Browns? Blues? And we haven’t even gotten to the brand yet. (If you’re interested, the mechanical keyboard reddit has a good wiki if you’ve got the time. Here’s the one on switches for example)

This isn’t really a hobby I plan to take up where I’ll be buying a new mechanical keyboard and keep customizing every year or so like I’ve seen other people do. So I really want to make this purchase count.

I’ve found more than a few of these DAS pro keyboards in the new office I work at. And while I was considering other brands I’ve heard that quality is spot on for DAS, but it comes with a slightly higher price tag. I’m trying to justify the purchase by telling myself that this is more of an investment. And if DAS is as good as they say it is, I expect that this investment will be worth my while. The volume knob, the audio controls and the 2 usb ports are just icing on the cake on this.


And I got an MX50 mouse too because, well, the colors match.


Actually it was because the mouse in the office was the first time I’ve ever had more than 3 buttons and now I can’t live without having “Back” in the left side button.

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